Astro Cats



Astro Cats, for solo guitar, was composed especially for Jim Hontz. These miniatures are intended to be zodiacal sketches of 12 types of cats. Each brief movement has a mood indication. The Libra cat is elegant and whimsical, Cancer cat is moody, Aries cat is tempestuous, Pisces cat is sensual, Gemini cat is nervous, Capricorn cat is sleepy, Taurus cat is mock heroic, Scorpio cat is macabre, Sagittarius cat is dreaming of distant lands, Leo cat is in love, Virgo cat is a meticulous workaholic, and finally, Aquarius cat waxes from coldly cerebral to eccentric.

Selected performances of Astro Cats:

Premiere: March 27, 1994, James Hontz, Classical Guitar Society, Philadelphia

January 29, 1995, James Hontz, F&M Sound Horizons Series, Lancaster, PA

February 24, 1995, James Hontz, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.   

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