But soft...



Amos Herr Park, in Landisville, Lancaster County, is where I walk my yellow lab, Tukker. A very cold early walk in the winter after a heavy snowfall is solitary, quiet, soft and white. The rich blue of the sky after the storm allows the sun to sparkle on the ice in the trees. The walk begins with my reaction to the vast peace that greets us when we arrive. The viewpoint shifts to Tukker's more goofy romping and ice skating until we are both startled by the only loud sound during our walk, a sudden train. After the train passes the sounds of the small brook babbling emerge as we make our way toward the barn. Just as we are about to start back, the cell phone rings and Tukker hears a short, muffled conversation. The point of view changes once again to my musings as we reluctantly retrace our steps, ending one of our many winter walks. 

© John Carbon 2015