Cadenza Ingannata


Composed in 1978 for pianist William Koseluk, Cadenza Ingannata (12 erotic pieces after titles by Rip Cohen) is a set of 12 variations on a 12-tone row. Poet Rip Cohen gave me 12 erotic titles before I composed the pieces (for example "Straining Thighs," and "The Rhythm of Your Pride"). The row is created so that-when it is used strictly-rising and falling tritones and perfect fourths create a rugged sound (as in the variation "Jagged Splendor"). When the row is used in permutation (every other note) a series of stepwise modes emerge that are seperated into all white notes and all black notes. When these modes are jaxtaposed, a bitonal, luminous effect creates resonance (as in the variation "Softer than the Mist"). There is no theme before variation one, rather the row is presented in a melody and accompaniment texture at the very beginning of the piece.


Selected Performances

Pianist William Koseluk has performed Cadenza Ingannata several times. The premiere was in 1978 at the University of California, Santa Barbara, on a Prisms concert.

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