Do Not Go Gentle


The piano trio, Do Not Go Gentle... was composed at the request of the Philadelphia Trio in the summer and fall months of 1995. The title refers to the poem by Dylan Thomas, written on the death of the poet’s father. The lines from the poem that struck me as particularly meaningful at the time of the composition were:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage, until the dying of the light...

At the time, several of my good friends and colleagues, some facing cancer and some AIDS, were exhibiting extraordinary courage and dignity in their struggles. I was also being made aware of the different stages of the dying and the grieving processes. The piece, cast in a single movement, begins with anger and denial, and then after a building intensity gradually moves into a transcendental dissolving, a peaceful surrender.

Selected Performances of ...Do Not Go Gentle:

Premiere: March 10, 1996, The Philadelphia Trio, F&M Sound Horizons Series,
Lancaster, PA.

April 14, 1996, The Philadelphia Trio,
Friends of Chamber Music in the Delaware Valley,
Devon, PA.

October 6, 1998, The Philadelphia Trio, Temple University,
Philadelphia, Pa.

March 24, 2001, The Philadelphia Trio, Weiss Center, Bucknell University,
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

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