Virtuoso harpsichordist María Teresa Chenlo performs Fantasy in Madrid


Fantasy for solo harpsichord and string quartet was composed in 1991 at the request of harpsichordist Bruce Gustafson, for the dedication of Miller Recital Hall at Franklin and Marshall College. It is a 10-minute work in rondo form, with a dark, foreboding beginning section that is contrasted with joyous, more dance-like episodes that eventually triumph over the haunted, macabre mood of the beginning and middle of the piece. The two moods of the work depict the old chapel before restoration, and then the new recital hall with its more cheerful demeanor. Even though short, the piece has aspects of a mini-concerto, especially the cadenza-like runs and flourishes near the end, which might remind one of Bach’s Brandenburg 5.

Selected Performances of Fantasy

Premiere: February 11, 1992, Bruce Gustafson, harpsichord, Miller Recital Hall, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.

March 24, 2003: Presented as part of "Musicos del Norte," Fantasy for Harpsichord and String Quartet was performed by harpsichordist Marí­a Teresa Chenlo at Casa de Américas-Palacio de Linares in Madrid.

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