Night Faeries


Notes by Bruce Gustafson:

"John Carbon wrote Night Faeries last year at my request for a solo harpsichord work that avoided the series of miniatures that are all too common in the harpsichord's repertory. In this first work for harpsichord, he evokes the mystery, playfulness, irascibleness and other-worldliness inherent in those little supernatural beings cited in the title. Very visual in its inspiration, it encourages the listener also to conjure up visual images."

Selected Performances

November 4, 2004: Bruce Gustafson, harpsichordist. Church of the Good Shepherd, Lancater,PA.

May 4, 1984: Performed by Bruce Gustafson at a Network for New Music Concert, Philadelphia, PA.

January 27, 1985: Sunday Concert Series, Nevin Chapel, Bruce Gustafson, harpsichordist, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.

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