Night Music

Night Music, for violin and piano, was composed in the late spring of 1987, at the request of Marta Jurjevich and Steven Edwards. The piece is a “Fantasy-Nocturne,” cast in a single movement, lasting about nine minutes. In the tradition of Bartók and Crumb’s “night music,” my piece features nocturnal sounds reminiscent of natural phenomena, obtained by the performers through the use of “special effects” ranging from string harmonics, glissandi and pizzicati, to inside the piano playing. This sound world is intended to evoke the magical perceptions of night that we feel as children (and sometimes as adults) that can be scary, playful, or peaceful in the course of a single night of existence (both in dreaming and in insomnia).

Selected Performances of Night Music

Premiere: October 12, 1987, Marta Jurjevich, violin, Steven Edwards, piano, St. Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, IN.

November 30, 1987, Marta Jurjevich, violin, Steven Edwards, piano, F&M Sunday Concert Series, Miller Recital Hall, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

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