Operatic Works

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(All works published by JCcollections and registered with BMI unless otherwise stated)

Disappearing Act (2008)
Full-length opera with libretto by Dorothy Louise about the Conan Doyle-Houdini spiritualist connection.
Soprano; 2 Mezzo-Sopranos; Contralto; 3 Tenors; 3 Baritones;
SATB Chorus; Dancers.  
[Piano-vocal version only]
(Duration 180 minutes)  
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Benjamin (1987)
Operatic portrait of Benjamin Franklin, libretto by Sarah White.
Soprano; 2 Mezzo-sopranos; Baritone; Boy Soprano;
SATB Chorus; Dancers.
Woodwind quintet; harp; harpsichord; piano; 1 percussionist; string quartet, bass.
(Duration 150 minutes)
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Marie Laveau (1983)
Full-length Voodoo opera. Libretto by the composer.
Soprano; Mezzo-Soprano; Contralto; Tenor; Baritone; Bass.SATB Chorus; Dancers.;; celeste/toy piano; accordian; harp; 3 voodoo drummers;
Assorted African percussion (1-3 players); strings:
(Duration 145 minutes)
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