Quartetto spettrale

My first string quartet, Quartetto spettrale, was composed especially for the Essex Quartet. Cast in a single 15-minute movement, the piece unfolds from a series of juxtaposed vignettes which are of strongly contrasting moods. A violent opening gesture is followed by a more elegant mood, which gives way to a lyric intensity. The overall topic is that of the “spectral” or haunted and macabre, and the vignettes are extended and developed into a long crescendo and accelerando of increasing intensity near the climax of the work. While composing the quartet I was influenced by Janacek, Ligeti, Szymanowski, Bartók, Poe and Baudelaire.

Selected Performances of Quartetto spettrale

September 17, 1993, Essex Quartet, F&M Sound Horizon Series, Miller Recital Hall,
Lancaster, PA.

September 21, 1993, Essex Quartet, Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

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