Ragtime Tango Variations


Ragtime Tango Variations was composed in 2016 for Chiaroscuro. As the title suggests, both ragtime and tango elements help to determine the style of the piece. Five variations follow the theme without pause and there are several references to earlier variations after the beginning statement of variation 5. In this regard, this piece is somewhat like a rondo as well as a being a set of variations on an original theme.The constant elements are ragtime short-long-short rhythms along with the lilting habañera signature of the tango.


Theme (mm. 1-16)

Variation 1 (mm. 17-45)

Variation 2 (mm. 46-77)

Variation 3 (mm. 78--93)

Variation 4 (mm. 94-109)

Variation 5 (mm. 110-219)

Variation 4 (Reprise 1) (mm. 220-228)

Variation 5 (continued) (mm. 229-253)

Variation 3 (Reprise) (mm. 254-269)

Variation 4 (Reprise 2) (mm. 270-277)

Variation 5 (conclusion) (mm. 278-334)

Coda (mm. 335-338)

PERFORMANCE NOTE: Although there are no pedal indications in

variation 5, some light touches of pedal might be effective in this section. 

© John Carbon 2015