Astro Dogs



Astro Dogs is the sequel to my guitar piece Astro Cats (1992). As in Astro Cats, the twelve pieces in Astro Dogs are based on the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac. In Astro Cats the specific type of cat was not specified for each piece, however in Astro Dogs, each piece is not only associated with a specific zodiac sign, it is also associated with a specific dog breed.

1. Beagle (Aquarius)

2. Basset Hound (Taurus)

3. Bichon Frise (Gemini)

4. Saint Bernard (Leo)

5. Standard Poodle (Libra)

6. Piera Canario (Scorpio)

7. Labrador Retriever (Sagittarius)

8. Chihuahua (Pisces)

9. Toy Boston Bull Terrier (Virgo)

10. Pekingese (Cancer)

11. Werewolf (Capricorn)

12. Irish Wolfhound (Aries).

--John Carbon

© John Carbon 2015