Six Twilight Pieces


John Carbon, of the Franklin & Marshall College Music Department, allows the solo clarinetist to select both the number of works to play and their order from the complete set of six. A clarinetist himself, Professor Carbon knows the instrument well. "The Conjurer" has to do with the casting of a spell and introduces moods of sensuousness, agitation, grandeur, fury, and mystery. “It Burbled As It Came...” refers to Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, a dragon-like creature from Alice in Wonderland. The movement calls for performance “as fast as possible” and ends with an explosive rush. "Finches" was drawn from a real-life situation in which an owner was driven wild by her birds. The music makes the outcome clear. (notes by Doris Hall-Gulati)

Selected Performances of Six Twilight Pieces

Premiere: Doris Hall-Gulati, clarinet, Sound Horizons Series, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

© John Carbon 2015