Small Town Memories


Small Town Memories was written at the request of my colleague, pianist Elizabeth Keller. These eight preludes were designed to be playable by students in her master class. Although each piece has a seasonal and diurnal or nocturnal title (for example, "Summer Evening"), the memories in each prelude are as much about growing up playing the piano as they are about Spring bike riding in the ravines above Lake Michigan, or star gazing on a clear, sub-zero winter night.

Selected Performances

April 9, 2011: Premiere of "Small Town Memories, Eight Preludes for Piano" by Steven Graff, Hudson River Music Hall, Hudson Falls, New York.

November 10, 2011: Performance of "Small Town Memories" by pianist Steven Graff at Lang Recital Hall, Hunter College, NYC.



Recorded on the Zimbel label by Steven Graff, John Carbon: Piano Music Played By Steven Graff.

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