Trio Kinetica



Trio Kinetica was composed in 2011 for Trio Clavino. My colleague, Doris Hall-Gulati, suggested that I compose a piece that featured piccolo, bass and soprano clarinets, violin and viola and piano. The title of the piece refers to the idea that dance steps are implied by the music. Each one of the three movements emphasizes different forms of syncopation and various degrees of "swing." The first movement, "Bossalypso," is an energetic hybrid dance with cross accents, syncopation and a rhythmic groove combining elements of Calypso and Bossa Nova without being faithful to either genre. This opening dance showcases the piano, along with the soprano clarinet and viola. Owl's Tango requires the clarinetist to switch to bass clarinet and the violist to switch to violin. The tango is based on a series of jazzed-up variations on a bass ostinato that I used in an earler piano piece I called The Owl's Lullaby. The last movement, Oh! Domenico, requires a switch to piccolo clarinet. This lively finale is also quite brisk, and employs some freely adapted allusions to the Baroque Italian composer and harpsichordist Domenico Scarlatti's harpsichord music.

Selected Performances

October 19, 2012: Performance by Trio Clavino (Doria Hall-Gulati, Simon Mauer, Xun Pan) at Bulgarian Embassy, Washington, D. C.

 June 25-30 2012: Performance in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China (Wuhan Conservatory of Music), by Trio Clavino.

 May 30, 2012: Performance by Trio Clavino, (Doria Hall-Gulati, Simon Mauer, Xun Pan) Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria.

 June 3, 2012: Performance by Trio Kinetica in Dreieich, Germany, as part of Burgfestspiele Dreieichenhain.

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