Woodwind Quintet



This fifteen-minute woodwind quintet was written in 2008. The writing is both lyrical and whimsical. The moods painted in these five short movements range from poignant to manic. Scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon, the first movement, "March," evokes a haunted carnival atmosphere In "Offering" a somber, chordal texture creates a ceremonial effect followed by "Scherzino," a fluttering and scurrying piece that evokes a wry and witty conversation. "Little Serenade" is operatic in its tone, with lyrical solos for each of the instruments. The "Finale" is an "insect dance" with shifting meters and pungent harmonies.

Selected Performances:

November 4, 2012: The Susquehanna Wind Quintet, The Encore Concert Series, First Baptist Church, York, Pa.

October 11, 2012: Susquehanna Wind Quintet, performance of Woodwind Qunitet at Willow Valley North Cultural Theater, Willow Valley, PA.

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